The Yellow Ribbon Support Group has been conducting package campaigns at various churches in the area.  We would like to invite your church/congregation to participate in a package campaign in the future.
If this is something that you think the church/congregation would be interested in participating in, could I ask you to be our liaison?  We try to contact the Pastors/Ministers through congregation members.  We have a standard presentation package for all churches: Introductory letter on the Yellow Ribbon Support Group, Mission Statement and Goals, Current Wish List (which would be updated prior to the campaign) and an Address Request Form.  We are a registered Tax Exempt, Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization and the receipt from the post office is tax deductible for each package mailed.
What we have been doing is asking the churches (Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Congregational, etc.) to choose a month within the next year November 2005 and a particular weekend in that month of their choice.  For two weeks prior to the package campaign, we ask the church to include our letter and current/revised "Wish List" in their weekly bulletin.  This explains our Mission Statement and current inventory needs. 
What we do is bring 100+ mail-ready boxes (including the custom form) to the church on their chosen weekend and enable the congregation members to take these packages and mail them from their local post offices (each FLAT RATE PRIORITY box costs only $7.70).  We have volunteers from the Yellow Ribbon Support Group at each Mass/service to answer any questions.  On that same weekend, we ask the congregation members bring "Wish List" items to drop in our "Wish List" boxes next to our tables where the packages are located.  This replenishes our inventory for the next campaign at the next church the following month.
People want to do something in support of the troops, but do not know what to do nor how to go about doing it. We have found this enables people to fulfill their desire to support the troops.

In May 2004, we started these campaigns in memory of the fallen "Freedom Fighters".  It worked so well we continued.  We have done over 800 packages through package campaigns at Holy Family in Inverness, St. Colette's in Rolling Meadows, and Prince of Peace Lutheran (on Hicks Road) in Palatine.  The response has been tremendous; in fact, we ran out of packages at two of the churches and had to return the next week with more.  The congregation members really got into the campaign and were disappointed when we ran out.
We ask that the campaign be announced from the pulpit on the day of the campaign, and we invite the congregation members to submit names, ranks and addresses of any active military they might know that are deployed to a foreign shore.  The Yellow Ribbon Support Group will gladly send them packages.

We would appreciate any help you can give us.
Pat and Mac McCoy and the many volunteers
Of the Yellow Ribbon Support Group